The installed production capacity allows T.M.L. to satisfy the most diversified requests both in terms of technology, dimensions and materials used.

The continuous improvement of the production infrastructures was accompanied by the use of CAD-CAM in order to reduce waste and losses in design and tooling times and optimize delivery times.


11 single or twin-spindle CNC turning units (Okuma, Mori Seiki, Hardinge) with double or motorized turret and equipped with bar loader (up to 80 mm) or parts magazine and manipulator for recovery.

  • MAZAK INTEGREX 200SY milling lathe with pick-up spindle, 40 tools magazine, with bar loader d. 50 mm
  • CNC lathe MORI SEIKI SL 25 with bar loader d. 61 mm
  • CNC lathe MORI SEIKI SL 250 with bar loader d. 80 mm
  • Double turret lathe OKUMA LCC15 with bar loader d. 51 mm
  • OKUMA 2SP-20H twin-spindle lathe for secondary machining
  • CNC lathe MORI SEIKI CL 200 with bar loader d. 51 mm
  • CNC lathe HARDINGE CONQUEST for reworking also on pieces d. 2 mm
  • MAZAK CNC lathe for rework
  • OKUMA LB-300 MW CNC lathe with return counter spindle with bar loader
  • MORI SEIKI NL1500 double turret CNC lathe and controlled three axis counter spindle for bar and recovery machining
  • ACT 2SP-2


9 machining centers (Okuma, Mori Seiki, Mazak) divided between 6 horizontal and 4 vertical, but all with ISO # 40 spindle taper. All horizontal units are equipped with a 1 ° or continuous (fourth axis) rotary table and rotating device and pallet changer.

Work area: X axis 800 mm, Y axis 800 mm, Z axis 800 mm

  • MAZAK VARIAXIS I-500 5-axis machining center
  • OKUMA MX-45 Vertical Machining Center (ISO40)
  • OKUMA MA40 (ISO40) horizontal machining center with pallet changer
  • Vertical center MORI SEIKI TV-400 for milling, reaming, tapping (2 units)
  • MORI SEIKI NH5000 (HSK63) horizontal machining center with pallet changer
  • MORI SEIKI MH40 (ISO40) horizontal machining center with pallet changer
  • MAKINO A71: 210 (HSK70) horizontal machining center with pallet changer
  • Horizontal machining center MAKINO A55 (HSK63) with pallet changer


Since 2014 T.M.L. is equipped with a test bench dedicated to testing all the characteristics of the oil nozzles and has been qualified by GE Avio for the execution of these tests.

T.M.L. also performs watertight tests on parts from both mechanical machining and castings.


T.M.L. is able to take in charge the complete execution of machining parts, including heat treatment, NDT(non-destructive testing) and DT (destructive testing) utilizing external qualified supplier (Nadcap Accredited). In addiction T.M.L. is equipped with a hardness test bench to execute hardness tests for the machined parts