T.M.L. uses, as part of its production processes, different types of materials in the form of rolled, drawn or cast bars (with round, flat, square, hexagonal section) and components obtained by casting (in sand, pressure, lost wax), by hot stamping and extrusion.

All materials are procured from selected suppliers and approved according to aerospace regulations and periodically subjected to control of the chemical-physical-mechanical characteristics.

  • Carbon and low-alloy steels
  • Gray and spheroidal cast irons
  • Stainless steels (austenitic, ferritic and martensitic)
  • Aluminium in the most diverse commercial alloys (castings and moldings and in the forms of extruded or drawn bars).
  • Copper and its alloys: electrolytic copper, brass and bronze (for aeronautical applications)
  • Nickel alloys, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nimonic
  • Cobalt alloys (Carpenter L605)
  • High strength alloy titanium (grade 5) in bars and plates
  • Magnesium in zinc alloy in the form of castings for aeronautical uses
  • Plastic materials such as extruded and sintered in Vespel, Delrin100, Nylon 6, Teflon, PFTE, etc